New Look at Old Images

Don_bensman_photo_Farmers Market_9862

It’s funny when you look back at images you’ve taken years ago. There’s been times where I dug up some old images, and found myself saying “what was I thinking when I shot this”? The best, were the ones where you were obviously learning something new, trying out a new technique or testing some new lighting. They’re great if you want to see how far you’ve come along, or to see how you’ve perfected and/or evolved with a certain technique. I think the worst has to be when you were shooting in a trendy style at the time, which is no longer trendy.

Recently, I’ve found myself liking some of my old or “irrelevant” images. It’s not uncommon when I’m out shooting a project (wether it’s self assigned, for a client or publication), to shoot some extra stuff. The majority of the time, I’m photographing people. As I’m doing that, I tend to spot things that I find interesting… and I photograph them. Most of the time when I get them back on the computer, I quickly decide that they will not be used. They might not be bad images, just not what I was going for.

After recently speaking with a magazine editor, I found myself having to go back into the archives looking for some images I shot some time ago. As I was searching through images, I started running across all these images that were catching my attention. I realized that I had a whole new appreciation for images that at one point, I found irrelevant. I was “seeing” them differently now.

A good example, is the above image. I had shot this while on a walk-about at a farmers market. As I was walking around, I ended up getting in some shots here and there of the produce. I’m not really sure what I was going for at the time with the pumpkin shot, but I took a pass on it when I edited the pics from that day. When I came across it the other day, I totally found myself loving it. Plus, I really like how it plays a little trick on your eyes.