Revitalizing An Old Image


On the distant heels of my last post and to get in the spirit of the winter season, I pulled this image from the hard drives. I had shot this when I was out having a little fun with the view camera. This particular image was shot on 4×5 color slide film, and was a little lacking in quality (it wasn’t exposed perfectly).

Not long ago, I wanted to try out a lab that I never used before… just in case I felt the need to shoot a little E6 film or get some quality scans. I ended up sending the 4×5 color slide film out to AgX Imaging in Sault Sainte Marie, MI. I had purposely chose a “not so great” image for my initial test, just to see what they could do. Although I had made sure they did not make any adjustments to the image, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I ended up with a huge digital file that had a ton of detail, and the ability to make some global & fine adjustments to bring out what was lost in the poor exposure. The best part, was the digital image needed very little clean up from dust getting scanned along with the slide film. Something I was having to deal with when it came to using other labs.