Better Late Than Never

bensman_photo_Pinhole-Polaroid_7605 copy

A couple weeks ago, I decided to go out and participate in Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WWPD). It’s kind of sad, that I waited until WWPD to pull out a pinhole camera for the first time in forever. I love shooting with pinhole cameras, especially since all the ones I own, I built myself. Plus, it’s photography at it’s simplest. No digital, no auto focus, no buttons and gadgets… just a simple wood box with a flip-up shutter. The only “electronic” device I had with me, was a hand held PENTAX light meter to double check exposure a few times (and it wasn’t really necessary).

One of the coolest things about shooting with a pinhole, is that you don’t always know what you’re going to get… is the sun flare going to work out like you envisioned?… is the alignment and framing going to be perfect?… and so on. I think that’s what helps build the excitement. Not knowing exactly what you’ve got until you develop the film in the darkroom, is a little bit suspenseful.

This time out, was extra fun. I had a few sheets of very expired 4×5 Polaroid B&W film, that had been sitting in the refrigerator for several years. I was expecting that once I pulled the first Polaroid apart, I would be switching quickly to some 4×5 B&W sheet film (old TMX100). However, this wasn’t the case. It was great! The Polaroids might have not been perfect… but they worked! And what started out as excitement, quickly went to  sadness. Realizing that I only had a few of those Polaroids to play with, had me only wishing that I would’ve had more.

bensman_photo_Pinhole-Polaroid_7599 copy