After the Storm

bensman_photo_Headlands Beach_7061 copy

Decided to continue with one more B&W image from back in the day. The section of boat dock had been ripped from it’s posts during a bad storm the evening before, and left to rest along the shoreline. The image was taken with a TOYO 45A view camera and shot on Kodak Tmax 100 B&W film.


Looking Back

bensman_photo_Dirty Toilet_7053 copy

After my last post, I decided to go with another fine art image from back in the day. I had been recently going through older images, while I was in the process of deciding what to hang on the studio walls.

It was great looking back through some of the old images, from when I use to do a lot more B&W fine art work. Some were good… some not so good. There were many that I totally remember shooting, and even what the conditions were like the day I captured the images. There were also a handful, that I don’t even remember taking. It can be an interesting learning experience, seeing what you’ve done in the past and comparing it to what you’re doing now.

The above image of the “Dirty Toilet” was shot with a Mamiya RB67 (one of my all time favorite cameras) and on B&W film. I still love the reaction from people after they see the image, as it now hangs in the studio.