Old Train

I decided to stick with the transportation theme, and post the image of the old train wheels. I don’t really remember where I found the restored locomotive, but I know it was on a return trip from a photo shoot. I would have liked to have gotten a nice overall shot of it, but due to the ugly fence surrounding it, I decided to keep things a little tight.

As an added bonus to focusing in on one section of the train, I was able to capture the small flower coming up near the bottom left of the image. It just adds a nice contrast to all the steel, and it would have never been noticeable if I had went for the wide view.

The image was captured with a TOYO 45A view camera, and shot on Kodak 100 TMAX B&W film. Film was processed in Kodak D76.



A Couple More Old Cars…

I could probably dedicate a few years of my life, to just photographing old transportation.   A lot of the old automobiles, motorcycles, trains and airplanes have a ton of character to them… especially after they’ve been sitting for 50 – 100 years. Peeling paint, rusted metal and the wear that only comes with time, are all attractive features.