New Personal Project… maybe?

I recently started a new personal project. It all started with the above image. Halfway into the project, I realized that it’s not working out as I had envisioned. This is one of those situations where you’re pretty much left with three options… 1) keep pushing through and produce crap that you’re not happy with, 2) try and figure out another solution or 3) just scrap the whole thing and call it a learning experience.

Although my “gut” is telling me to take option 3 and move onto the other five projects I have going, but I’ll probably spend too much time going with option 2, before I realize option 3 was the right answer.


Terminal Tower & Steel

One of my favorite images from a few years back. It does a great job of combining a Cleveland icon, with it’s industrial past.

TOYO 45A (view camera)
Schneider/Kreuznach 90mm/8 SuperAngulon 

Kodak 100 TMAX B&W

Kodak D76 – Normal Processing

Old Train

I decided to stick with the transportation theme, and post the image of the old train wheels. I don’t really remember where I found the restored locomotive, but I know it was on a return trip from a photo shoot. I would have liked to have gotten a nice overall shot of it, but due to the ugly fence surrounding it, I decided to keep things a little tight.

As an added bonus to focusing in on one section of the train, I was able to capture the small flower coming up near the bottom left of the image. It just adds a nice contrast to all the steel, and it would have never been noticeable if I had went for the wide view.

The image was captured with a TOYO 45A view camera, and shot on Kodak 100 TMAX B&W film. Film was processed in Kodak D76.

A Couple More Old Cars…

I could probably dedicate a few years of my life, to just photographing old transportation.   A lot of the old automobiles, motorcycles, trains and airplanes have a ton of character to them… especially after they’ve been sitting for 50 – 100 years. Peeling paint, rusted metal and the wear that only comes with time, are all attractive features.

Old Cars

Since my day started off with having to pick up one of my vehicles from the body shop, I felt drawn to post a car image. Maybe it was all the “classic car – shop talk” with the body shop manager this morning, that had me thinking about this pic… but who knows? Either way, it was about time to post it somewhere. The image has just been sitting on the hard drive, since it was captured several years ago.

Trees & Fog

I decided to go with some trees and fog for my post today… on this cold rainy Wednesday. Although my true passion is photographing things with an industrial theme, I do enjoy getting out into nature now and again.

The image was captured with a TOYO 45A view camera, and shot on Kodak 100 TMAX B&W film. Film was processed in Kodak D76.